Philosophical Applications was created to bring a unique philosophical perspective to corporate policymaking, public relations and remediation of a wide range of contemporary problems. Because we come from outside the business world – with a rigorous grounding in analytical theory, logic, and ethics – we are able to offer a different kind of thinking, and solutions that go beyond conventional wisdom. Specifically, we can help you to:

  • Examine and articulate your problems to achieve optimal clarity and understanding
  • Analyze and document events, procedures, and plans of action
  • Anticipate unforeseen consequences of corporate actions and policies
  • Create a customized curriculum that addresses contemporary ethical issues faced by business and foundation leadership
  • Access additional professional resources, under a strict NDA policy

When you hire Philosophical Applications, you will find us to be highly responsive, agile, and adaptive to your specific needs. We look forward to having the opportunity to share our insights and to helping you navigate the challenging issues of our time.


We believe in facts, evidence, truth, truthfulness, self-criticism, exactness, detail, rational persuasion, science, creativity, the power of language, clarity, boldness, agility, high standards, mental flexibility, enlightenment values, progress, caution, vigorous debate, independence, objective right and wrong, integrity, decency, politeness, justice, fairness, kindness, humor, and humanity.

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Philosophical Applications: A New Kind of Consulting Service for a Changing World.