Not all challenges faced by corporations and other large organizations can be solved by a better business model or an increased revenue stream. From privacy rights and hate speech, to environmental concerns and ethical obligations, decision-makers are confronted on a daily basis with complex issues that often have no easy answers.



Find the problem

Discuss and carefully analyze the specific situation in order to articulate the problem clearly and accurately. Ensuring that the problem is correctly understood, and that everyone is on the same page, is the necessary foundation for arriving at an optimal solution.


Consider All Possibilities

Explore all possible solutions, including those that might seem outlandish or off the beaten track. Envisaging the full range of options allows for unexpected insights and ensures that no potential solution is overlooked.


Narrow the Field

Home in on the best solution through process of elimination and reasoned argument, taking everything into account. Since not all cases are identical, it’s essential to pay close attention to details to find the most effective and powerful solution.


Clarify the Results

Express the solution as clearly and persuasively as possible, so that everyone can get on board with it. At the end of the process, as much as in the beginning, clear communication and genuine understanding  are the key to success.

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