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It is vital for corporations and foundations to be fully aware of the ethical issues raised by any policy proposal. No one wants to find themselves accused of poor judgment or unethical action, but understanding the complexities of ethical issues and anticipating potential consequences can test the limits of even the brightest executives. From pollution and privacy, to discrimination, harassment, and diversity, contemporary ethical concerns can’t be dealt with simply by referring to established doctrine or relying on personal intuition. Each of these areas calls for close analysis and careful consideration of the many ethical issues involved. It goes beyond mere questions of legality, for which lawyers are the appropriate experts; proper ethical vetting calls for deep knowledge of how values work and a clear understanding of the difference between right and wrong. Contemporary culture and technology have created a wealth of new concerns. While perfect solutions may not always be possible, it’s essential to address these issues – both to protect against legal liability and to avoid even the appearance of unethical behavior.